Visual Adventure Inspiration: The Dark Side of the Lens - Pacific Northwander
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28 Feb Visual Adventure Inspiration: The Dark Side of the Lens

Ever since I first saw this film a few years back when it was featured on Vimeo, it has inspired me more and more every single time I watch it. I figure that it’s a good way to start out this Visual Adventure Inspiration feature on Pacific Northwander.

The Dark Side of the Lens is about Mickey Smith, a surf photographer based out of Ireland, and explores his motivation as an artist. Directed by Mickey himself, the film is a cinematic masterpiece. It puts the viewer in the cold Irish ocean and makes you want to get out in it too. As Mickey Narrates,

If I only scrape a living, at least it is a living worth scraping. If there is no future in it, at least there is a present worth remembering.

There’s weight in these words, weight that has made me want to find uncomfortable places of beauty so that I may share them with others. Whether that is through writing, a photograph, or a friendly tale, I always come back to this video for a simple motivation, one that, “keeps me grinning.

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