Susan Creek Falls - Pacific Northwander
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Climbing to the Pool - Susan Creek Falls

26 Mar Susan Creek Falls

Although Susan Creek Falls isn’t exactly the most epic waterfall in the Pacific Northwest and it’s 35 foot drop is no secret, it has a certain endearing quality to it. One that is well worth the easy 1.5 mile hike in. Certainly once you reach it, that is where the adventure really begins.

Getting There

The falls is located in Douglas County, southern Oregon, 12 miles east of Glide on highway 138 along the Umpqua River (see the map below for directions). After twisting and turning under a canopy of Douglas firs, you will see a sign for the falls and turn off to your left into a parking lot for the trail head. This is where the level thoroughfare known as the Susan Creek Falls trail begins its slow assent.

The real adventure starts once you get to the waterfall, especially if you are in a sling and trying to photograph the thing. With the help of my friends I set up on the rocks at the base of the falls. The high flow rates from recent rains made for rather misty conditions. I had to keep my lens cap close at hand unless I wanted it to look like I was shooting from underwater. While I struggled for that perfect shot, my friends climbed the muddy, slick slopes to the top of the falls. One even attempted the pseudo rock climb a route people usually only brave in summer to reach the pool at the base of the falls. This is what it is all about, to be able to have fun in a place that some call lackluster. Adventure is all about pushing the limits of what is known even when you think every perspective has been found, even when the place you’re visiting is a semi-wimpy waterfall in Southern Oregon.

Download a Printable Trail Map

Trail Map
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