About - Pacific Northwander
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Into Snowy Woods

What we Do

Pacific Northwander is an adventure blog committed to exploring the most extraordinary locations in the pacific northwest and beyond. These expeditions are portrayed in wander journals written by Ranier Evans a storyteller based out of Portland, Oregon. The journals cover a variety of topics, from trail guides to urban adventures and everything in between.
The goal of this website is to share the ways the pacific northwest and the outdoors in general has captivated me through photography and writing in ways that stand apart from other blogs. I want to take readers to the places I travel.
We wander because it is human nature to explore, to find things that we have not seen before. We wander to make memories and discover. We wander to share, to tell stories of what we find.


If you are passionate about sharing your explorations, become a Pacific Northlander Contributor. Create rich multimedia journal posts that share your favorite places in the pacific northwest! To inquire please email, contact@pacificnorthwander.com.